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Do you have a model project that you'd like to have an APMM member quote?

If you provide sufficient information for our members to decide if the project is right for them, you will be contacted directly by the model maker.
Simply send a full description of the project, along with any available drawings, specifications, diagrams, and/or photos and APMM will distribute the request to our members.

Guidelines for Submitting Requests for Model Projects

  • If you’d like to be contacted by interested APMM member shops, please send an e-mail with the following information to
  • Project description - basic description of the project. If necessary, provide a non-disclosure agreement that you will require before giving detailed information.
  • Technical specifications - give specific materials, processes, or equipment to be utilized (if necessary).
  • Outline the schedule of the project, including when all the data for the work would be ready and the due date and location for delivery of the model(s).
  • Include attachments such as drawings, sketches, photographs, CAD files or any other documents that will help describe the project.
  • Supply budget information if possible. A frank discussion of budgeting allows both you and a potential model maker to quickly evaluate the feasibility of the request.
  • Provide your contact information so that interested parties can respond directly to you.

    The APMM offers the opportunity for those wanting model and prototype projects completed and those interested in doing the work to meet in an online marketplace, but offers no guarantees, nor makes any statements of endorsement or support for either the projects or the responders.

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